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When to book a grand canyon tour ???


We are a group of 4 adults and 4 children going to Las Vegas in Sept. We would love to book a Grand Canyon/helicopter tour but unsure if it is best to book now or wait until we get to Vegas to check out the different tour options.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

When to book a grand canyon tour ???

I would definitely book something in advance simply due to the size of your party.

Sorry but can%26#39;t help with any specific recommendations of tours.

When to book a grand canyon tour ???

Thanks for your advice.

We have been looking at the Grand Voyager Tour with Papillion but I must say some of the reviews on trip advisor leave me a little anxious. Maybe I shouldn%26#39;t read too much !!

Thanks again

Hi We are going in June and I have just booked thru for the Grand Canyon tour. it was so easy only problem is there is no cancellation allowed but I think you can change the dates if you want. Cheers traveller from australia

Thanks. I will look at the website you suggested.

I have been to the grand canyon but it was many years ago. It was spectacular and can%26#39;t wait to go again. I would have loved to have done the mule trip but I had no takers !!

Have a great trip.

Hi--My husband and I are going to LV (without kids) for my 40th bday and we got a 2-for-1 voucher for the Papillon GC heli tour. At half price, anything short of a crash will be a good value. My concern is the temperature. We%26#39;ll be there in the beginning of August--will we swelter in the helicopter? Or does it have strong A/C ?

I would be very interested in what others have to say about different tour operators. Wife and I also would like to take tour when we go to Vegas at end of September.


Replying to DeniseAck: my husband and I will also be in Vegas, but in mid-August. When booking at the Paris, they had a 2 for 1 for a helicopter tour through Papillion. When I called, it was for a one-hour flight in a prop-job type plane. If you want a helicopter tour, you must pay full price for two people. We decided to just drive to the Canyon since we%26#39;ll have a rental car. I know it%26#39;s a long drive there and back for one day, but we%26#39;re used to driving to Alabama (we live in Michigan) to visit the folks.

Attn MasseyMoo: You%26#39;re right. It looks good though--read below.

Hi all--I booked a room at Paris and they included a 2-for-1 aerial tour with Papillon Helicopters. I just called them, and it isn%26#39;t a heli but a prop plane through their other company Scenic Air. The cost is 139+fuel surcharges of 40 = $179 and the 2nd person pays $40 TOTAL= $219. This is the link for the tour--I don%26#39;t think it%26#39;s specifically associated with hotel bookings either--the rep was talking about her flyer which makes me think it is the company promo, not the hotel%26#39;s. Here%26#39;s the link. It includes 1 hr airtime viewing hoover dam, lake mead, CO river %26amp; GC, 3 hours total time. Seems ok for $110 pp.

Hi, we were in Las Vegas in August last year and we booked a helicopter tour with Maverick. They pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. Seeing that you are a group of 8 you will probably take up the whole helicopter, so I suggest you book in advance. Have a look at their webpage, we had a great time and would definitely recommend.

We had also wanted to do an airplane tour to Monument Valley with Papillon whilst in LV, but they were totally booked up for the month.

Hope this helps!

The replies have been helpful and with 8 of us it does seem to be better to book in advance.

I have been looking at bookingthe flights via an internet site called

or via a website called

Is anyone able to tell me if these are reliable sites ??

Thanks again

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